Before Sunset High School there was Lake Earl Elementary School, and in 1975 Richie Goudelock attended kindergarten there, said his mother Susan Goudelock.

Richie, who was 5 at the time, is the little boy in glasses surrounded by his peers in the Aug. 28 installment of “Yesterdays: From the Triplicate Archives.” The photo was undated. The only information available was a label on the back of the picture stating “Lake Earl Kindergarten visits high school.” According to Susan Goudelock, her son’s kindergarten teacher was Priscilla Montoya.

Lake Earl Elementary School is now Sunset High School, Susan Goudelock said. She remembers that the decision to move the alternative high school to Lake Earl Elementary made many parents upset.

“There was a big to-do about it because we loved that school,” Susan Goudelock said of Lake Earl Elementary. “It was so small and so family-oriented and when they turned it into Sunset there was a big meeting of the parents who were trying to fight it, but of course it didn’t do any good.”

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