Ocean Air Farms will open its gates to the community on Sunday, hoping to get folks to help dig up potatoes in exchange for a farm-fresh lunch, live music, a hay ride, sheep shearing and other activities.

“We got most of the other potatoes dug,” said Paul Madeira, who owns the farm in Fort Dick with his wife Julie Jo Ayer Williams. “But we’re going to dig up 1,000 or 2,000 pounds easily with the help of the people who come out.”

For 10 years, Madeira and Williams have thrown a party for the community. This year, in addition to the hay ride, there will be some horseback riding and a trampoline. There will also be a 15-passenger van going to allow people to tour some of the farms’ other production sites, Madeira said.

“We’re so fragmented now that you can’t see Ocean Air Farms from one site,” he said, “so I think that’ll be a really fun addition that we’ve never done before.”

Live music will be provided by James F and the Blackbirds. There will also be a huge dessert potluck, although Madeira said the desserts will be fenced off so they can be eaten after lunch.

Meanwhile, multiple cider presses will be available for those who have apples courtesy of the Del Norte Gleaning Club. Connor Caldwell, food projects coordinator for the Community Food Council and founder of the gleaning club, encourages people to bring their apples and receptacles for cider.

The Shin Digg will be held from noon-5 p.m. Sunday at Ocean Air Farms, 190 Bolen Lane in Fort Dick. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/oceanairfarms/.