Lifelong Del Norte resident Richard Gurney got a few phone calls last week saying his dad made the newspaper.

Buck Gurney is pictured seated in the the bar portion of the Tidal Wave Bar and Restaurant that was located on the ground floor and adjacent to the current Surf Apartments and former Lauf and Surf Hotel. Buck owned the Bar and Restaurant with his wife Margaret from about 61-67.

Rebuilt and renamed after the tsunami, the bar and restaurant fronted H street and occupied the area towards the post office but has since been removed.

Richard says the S.S. Emido life ring from the famous Del Norte shipwreck that can be seen in the photo was there when the the building was the Surf Hotel Coffee Shop and before that the Lauf Hotel Coffee shop. The younger Gurney remembers seeing parts of that life ring’s namesake, a WWII torpedoed tanker, in the Crescent City harbor when he was a kid. The bow of that tanker was still visible until scrapped in 1959.

Richard doesnt recognize the other patrons at the bar but figures they could be travelers. The Greyhound Bus Depot was also housed on the ground floor of the hotel with its entrance on Front Street.