By Martha Williams

The last of the apples are in the pot, simmering toward the color, thickness, and flavor that will turn them into apple butter. A combination of apples from my two little trees, a couple big ones of a friend, and some Galas from the store, and the pot is full to the top. In the morning I’ll add sugar and spices, and simmer for another day to that dark, spicy thickness that tells me it’s ready to can. In cold weather, I love a couple warm slices of toast covered with apple butter for breakfast.

And looking toward the hot house, apparently the tomatoes that I thought were finished for the season have decided on round two, because there are a lot of big spots of color – and those orange ones are so sweet. They make a really good sandwich.

While Thanksgiving day was a trial of sorts for a lot of people, we did not lose power until the next night, so our dinner was done on time. I did, however, spend most of the next night curled up in my recliner under three blankets and two cats, feeling like I was never going to get warm again, being reminded once again why I left the other side of the country for Crescent City.

Christmas is on the way, and so are the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. While we do not yet have the number of boxes nationally – we won’t get those until after the first of the year – our immediate local area sent 1,247, and this general area sent 9,956. That’s a lot of love sent to a lot of kids.

Tomorrow morning there’s an interesting program at Grace Lutheran church.

From 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m., there will be a free Bible Journaling class. Bring your Bible, and art supplies will be provided.

Dec. 13, the Ladies Christian Fellowship will meet in a special venue to celebrate the Christmas season. The meeting will take place starting at 10:30 a.m. at the historic Requa Inn.

A Christmas program of music will be brought by Blake and Lenea Inscore, who will provide special music, and lead group singing of Christmas carols. Cost will be $18, which must be paid in advance. To make reservations, call Liz at 707-464-3539, (cell 707-580-9833) or Bonnie at 707-482-3704. Reservations must be made and fee paid by Dec. 5. Come and celebrate the true reason for the season. Because there is limited parking, it is strongly suggested to carpool.

And there will be a Christmas concert Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Crescent City United Methodist church that sounds like it will be a real pleasure to attend.

Emails are coming through fine again, finally, so I’m looking for your Christmas programs.

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