I learned if you have a problem with our medical system such as our Sutter Coast Hospital, you may call Quality In Organization (QIO) 1-877-588-1123 and file your complaint. I discovered the more we complain about the quality of service, the more we have a chance to get better care that Medicare is paying for. You may think complaints won’t help, but it will.

You all know the majority rules. Medicare or our health insurance pay for our medical care but if we’re not getting what we pay for or what is taken out of Social Security, then it’s time to complain. Our health is important. We need to open our mouth and the above phone number is the Medicare complaint dept.

The enormous amount Sutter charges for getting into their emergency room is too much for what they do for our medical needs. I just spent five hours and 15 minutes for a doctor to tell me I need to have authorization from my primary (care) doctor for an MRI of a broken rotator cuff which was not necessary.

It is important to talk to the above organization. Let your concerns be known.

Rita Moore

Crescent City