Family members say Crescent City Fire and Rescue Chief Steve Wakefield has a long recovery ahead after a second stroke put him back in hospital care.

Wakefield suffered a hemorrhagic stroke on Jan. 24 that resulted in his transport to Pacific Medical Center’s Stroke Care Center in San Francisco.

Debra Wakefield has been posting daily updates about her husband’s progress on her Facebook page but could not be reached by phone Wednesday.

She posted that Steve’s second stroke hit at 12:30 a.m. Sunday and was more severe than the first.

He was transferred to Rogue Regional Medical Center and showed slight improvements over the following days.

“Sometimes these updates are pretty hard to do, I would sure like to be able to pass on more good news,” Debra wrote. “This has been a very quiet day here in the ICU. Steve did not sleep all day yesterday or last night, so he is making up for it today, and I hope continues on through the night. Rest is exactly what he needs.”

She reported a CT scan showed bleeding had not gotten worse.

“He is still very, very sick, with a very long way to go, but he is hanging in there,” she wrote.

Debra wanted to acknowledge the support received from the community, saying Steve is humbled and touched so many people are thinking of him.