It is amazing how much Del Norte County has changed in the 60-plus years that I have lived here. In the past you could drive forever and never see any debris or trash.

Now, you cannot go one block without seeing someone’s wrappers from the fast food lunch, styrofoam or other just throw it out the window debris.

I started a log of the larger things I have reported to city and county code enforcement agencies. Many were also reported to Roger Gitlin who went out and personally picked up the trash.

Here is the count from October 2014:

Mattresses 19

Chairs 10

Couches 7

TV sets 2

Full living room rugs 3 (one of these was dumped off the side of Skateboard Hill, and another, I couldn’t believe this one, right across the street from my home).

This count does not include the heavy, full garbage bags I have found dumped at the end of my street, under bushes next to busy streets or even dumped in the streets.

Most of these things are in plain sight along well-used avenues, right in front of tourists’ eyes. Tourists are directed by the new street signs to areas where dumping often occurs. Come back to town, probably not.

The Grand Jury Report stated that the only sure way things get
cleaned up is by turning in written reports. Be patient after reporting since some clean-ups require
legal action. Reporting forms are available at 981 H. St., Del Norte County Code Enforcement and 377 J. St., Crescent City Code Enforcement.

I encourage true Del Norte citizens to file reports. Let’s clean up Del Norte County.

Kathleen Benskin

Crescent City