I recently read your article that covered the homeless survey that showed that we again have an increase in the homeless population in Del Norte County.

I’ve lived here since 1987. At that time I saw no homeless. I own a small business on U.S. 101 south of town. We get not only new tourist customers but repeat customers. Some of them have asked me about the number of homeless and the trash left in the brush along U.S. 101. I frankly have no answers for them.

So, my questions are:

What percentage of homeless are former in-home residents of Del Norte County?

Where are they coming from?

How did they get here?

What draws them to this particular area?

We have a beautiful place in which to live but an area of negativity has arisen because of excess trash visible to the passerby, panhandling, petty thefts and people with drug, alcohol and mental problems causing problems for citizens and law enforcement.

We all know there is no easy solution. But maybe the next survey will address my questions. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering.

Ray Marshall

Crescent City