I wish to express my thanks to the producers of the “Birdbox” movie. For several weeks, our paltry economy was beefed up by the millions of dollars spent by the crews who ate in our restaurants, stayed in our motels and bed and breakfasts and spent lots of money in our stores. There was a Letter to the Editor from some fisherman on the Smith who complained the film crews were interfering with their fishing. With all due respect to those who enjoy fishing and other outdoor activity, I would strongly disagree with those who complained about the filming. The amount of money invested in Del Norte County far outweighs any perceived inconvenience caused by a film shoot. I also recently learned from the California Economic Development Council that Del Norte County ranks 57 out of 58 counties with a negative 2.9 percent growth. I say bring up the movie companies and help build our economy. We sure need the help.

Tony Jacomella

Crescent City