The 2018 election season is upon us and it’s the public’s turn to speak. A change is desperately needed and current Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen has been a big disappointment.

He may have once been a good supervisor a long time ago but watching him today is really sad. He’s petty and intolerant to other supervisors and opposes anything new to address some of our long term problems like fixing Last Chance Grade, holding Sutter Coast Hospital to a higher standard and fighting blight.

I find it ironic after all the years of neglect at Pacific Shores, he’s leading the charge on the board of supervisors to clean up that dump and he’s doing this during an election year. He voted no to increase the $14,000 blight budget.

I made up my mind to vote for anyone but Hemmingsen when he voted to abstain on asking the board to send a letter of opposition to our state senator and assemblyman opposing sanctuary state and allowing more illegals into Del Norte County. That sealed my vote never to support this man.

I am also voting for term limits, which Hemmingsen opposes. Is it a surprise to anyone that he is seeking his fourth term as supervisor? These long-time politicians who offer no energy, no fresh ideas and no hope must to go.

As a long time voter in District 4, I am going to listen and keep an open mind to the other candidates, but I will abstain from voting for Hemmingsen.

Tim Weiland

Crescent City