Though harbor staff like the new “Crescent City” sign that’s currently perched on the edge of a wooden platform at Anchor and Starfish ways, whether it will be allowed to stay remains to be seen.

To give everyone an opportunity to see the sign, which appeared at the location just before Independence Day, the Crescent City Harbor Commission on Wednesday decided to table the issue.

Even if it’s allowed to stay, the wooden platform the sign sits on will have to be replaced, Harbormaster Charlie Helms said. He said the matter will be taken up at the Harbor District’s regular meeting Tuesday.

“We wanted something that’s safe,” Helms said.

Deputy Harbormaster Lane Tavasci said Wednesday that the harbor district brought a contractor out to look at the raised platform the sign sits on. The harbor wants to demolish the existing platform and rebuild one that’s concrete and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, he said. The platform has been near Anchor and Starfish ways for years, according to Tavasci.

If the sign is allowed to stay, demolition of the wooden platform it sits on will probably start right away, according to Helms. But that work, as well as installation of the sign, would have to be permitted by the county and by the California Coastal Commission, he said.