Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

Although it was reported in June that he had confessed to killing Romeo Glaze in 2014, Michael Loftin made a brief appearance in Del Norte Superior Court Aug. 7 to enter a plea of not guilty.

Loftin’s preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 11. His attorney is Keith Morris.

Loftin was arrested in June on a no-bail warrant, accused of first-degree murder. According to court documents, Deputy District Attorney Todd Zocchi sought Loftin’s arrest after reviewing reports on the case by the state Department of Justice and the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office.

Zocchi later said Loftin had made a recorded confession following his arrest.

“Subsequent investigation revealed that Loftin admitted to multiple people, including at least, one family member, to killing Romeo Glaze,” Zocchi’s declarations stated at the time. “Additional investigation resulted in a percipient witness (eyewitness) to the homicide giving a recorded statement that Loftin killed Glaze.”

Glaze’s sister Kristina Glaze said at the time while she believes other subjects were involved in her brother’s murder, Loftin is most responsible.

Kristina called after the court appearance from out of state to say she was upset the trial would take so long to ensue and that she may not be able to attend future court proceedings.

“I want to say, in some way, I might not be there but I am, in my heart,” Kristina said. “I want him never to walk out of prison and I will dedicate my life to that. He took my brother’s life — he doesn’t deserve to have one.”

She said she will make every effort to be in the courtroom when a sentence is handed down, adding she is confident the Del Norte District Attorney will see that through.

Loftin is no stranger to the DA’s office, sheriff’s office and superior court, having had several encounters with law enforcement over the years. Court records show Loftin has made 35 appearances in county court since 2002, eight of them on criminal cases.

Romeo Glaze, then 26, was reported missing March 26, 2014 by his sisters, and his decomposed body was found almost a month later near Klamath Glen. Investigators at the state Department of Justice determined the cause of death to have been a gunshot wound to the head.