In the more urbane areas of California, i.e., the Harbor of Los Angeles (San Pedro) where I was raised, Republicans stick together like glue.

Republicans there need to look inclusive, magnanimous and slow to point the finger, after all hundreds of millions of dollars are often on the line. Personal animosities and hatreds are considered petty and childish. Such impassioned hysteria is reserved for the high school Shakespeare productions. In “Macbeth” we can see a wife convincing her husband to kill the king. In “Julius Caesar,” a best friend stabs his other. And, recently, while I was trying to hand over my money order at a local State Farm franchise, I was showered with a barrage of castigating and denigrating accusations so hollow and so trivial against Supervisor Roger Gitlin, I could only think… Shakespeare is alive and well.

I would advise these naysayers to relent and to retool how they throw their verbal sabres… for Supervisor Gitlin (see “Merchant of Venice, Act IV, sci) is a human being. He bleeds when you prick him.

All you who so possess such vituperation, I would suggest you learn how to mask, to laver, to imply your thoughts with more sophistication, more humor, analogy and simile: because what is happening now to our Supervisor Gitlin seems to be a deliberate intent to harm him both professionally and psychologically.

We Republicans would do better to work together like the Big Boys & Girls do down south.

Teresa C. Frary

Crescent City