Here's a list of 30 birds you are likely to spot along the Wild Rivers Coast.

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Coastal Habitats

Brown Pelicans - summer, along the coast

Western Gull - year round

Black Oystercatcher - along rocky shores

Common Murres - spring and summer, nesting on rocks offshore

Pelagic cormorants - offshore and in estuaries

Double-crested cormorants - offshore rocks and rivers

Western grebe - ports, ocean, lakes and estuaries, especially winter

Tufted puffin - offshore islands, particularly off Harris Beach, Brookings

Lake and river habitats

Bald eagle - along all the wild rivers

Wood duck - Try the Mill Pond at Port Orford

Great blue heron - marshes, pastures and sometimes the beach

Bufflehead duck - any lakes, pond or river in the winter

Osprey - rivers, lakes and offshore rocks

Belted kingfisher - rivers, lakes and coast

Turkey vulture - also known as a buzzard

Coastal Scrub and Headland habitats

Wrentit - unique to the Oregon Coast

White-crowned sparrow - scrub, fields and feeders

Peregrine falcon - try Port Orford Headlands

California quail - any open meadow area

American crow - sometimes they hold noisy "conventions"

Backyard and feeder habitat

Steller's jay - the locals call these common blue birds "camp robbers"

American goldfinch - In the open meadows of Cape Blanco State Park

Anna's hummingbird - year round

Song sparrow - never very far from water

Sharp-shinned hawk -

Forest habitat

Downy woodpecker - with a splash of red

Great horned owl - active at night

Northern flicker - on tree trunks or on the ground

Black-capped chickadee - in deciduous trees and plants

Westerm tamager - in conifer stands

Pileated woodpecker - in large tree snags

Varied thrush - a forest bird