By Martha Williams

How well do you know folks that go to churches other than yours? Do you ever venture to attend a special event at one of them? Or does your church fear that if you visited another one, you might decide to go there instead?

I remember as a child those arguments among the adults when we wanted to go to something that another church was having.

“Oh, my, no, we can’t have that. Our people might decide they like that church better and leave us.”

In these days with Christianity coming increasingly under attack, we need to stick together. And knowing each other better can certainly facilitate that.

I’ve written before about Ladies Christian Fellowship and how we are a group of women who come from all of our churches to enjoy great fellowship. So why not visit back and forth with our neighbor churches? My church is currently doing that with the church closest to us — just a couple blocks away. And we are all enjoying it, as we get to know each other better.

A couple weeks ago we had our third joint event and we are looking forward to more.

This one was a ladies tea party. And while I do not like tea, I thoroughly enjoyed the day with the ladies of the Nazarene church, as did many other of our ladies group. And now, planning begins for the next event.

I knew a couple of the Nazarene ladies before we did this, and now I know more. As we continue this, we will all get to know each other better. The ladies of the Nazarene church hosted this one, and did a great job. And the goodies they made, wonderful.

And, stop and think… also in close proximity are two other churches. There are three churches within walking distance of my house. But I go to New Life Community on Second and D. We all go where we feel we belong, and here in Crescent City, we have a lot of really great churches. Let me know what you think of this idea. Our pastors came up with it, and I hope it will expand. As well, I would like to see our churches get together for a musical event. Singing those old hymns is a really inspirational way to fellowship and there is so much talent in our churches.

There is only one thing this week, but more will be coming as the different holidays come along.

Although I did not get this one as timely as would be desirable, it did come in time for today’s topics.

Seventh-Day Adventist church

The Seventh-Day Adventist church holds a lot of interesting and educational events, some on an annual basis. This is one of them.

Arlene R. Taylor, PhD, brings very interesting lessons on the brain, and is here now. The first session was held last evening. On Anxiety and Depression, and what happens in a suicidal brain.

Today, there are three more sessions:

11 a.m.: Do You Know How to Stay Healthier and Younger Longer?

2 p.m.: Is There an Antidote For Fear?

3 p.m.: How to Build Better Behavior.

For questions, call 707-464-2738.

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