Many millennials and others support Bernie Sanders because he wants to implement Medicare for all and make college tuition free. That is part of the reason I support him. But there are other reasons, too.

How many seniors and those who will be counting on Social Security know about Bernie’s fight to save and expand Social Security? Most seniors vote Republican or are conservative to moderate Democrats. How many of the people they have supported talk about this problem? I wonder how many voters are aware that currently the amount of income subject to payroll tax is capped at $132,900? Does that seem fair?

A wealthy person could make $132,900 in one day or one week and be through paying into Social Security for the entire year.

This country has many problems, but Social Security doesn’t need to be one. Politicians will tell you it is going broke and it won’t be there for young people. With Bernie’s plan, it will pay every eligible person all their benefits for the next 52 years. Those making under $16,000 per year will receive an increase of about $1,342 a year. The cost of living increases will be more accurately measured by seniors spending habits.

His plan is simple. Raise the cap so that those making more than $250,000 per year pay the same rate as everyone else already pays. I don’t see how anyone could argue with that.

Bernie is working for we the people on too many issues for me to list here. I urge you to go to and click on “issues” to see what he is doing. And consider registering Democrat to vote for Bernie in the primary. That will be happening before you know it. It is March 3, 2020, to be exact.

If you are interested in learning more about Bernie and our local group, please go to our Facebook group, Del Norte County for Bernie Sanders.

Christine Mitchell

Crescent City