Why would anyone choose to live in Del Norte County? A senior 82-year-old widow living alone? I cannot begin to count the ways.

Try George’s Auto. A jammed tailgate and I could not raise it. George and son fixed it, no charge.

Try a large injured dog pulled from a ditch. A trip to dear Dr. Dennis Wood (All Creatures Animal Hospital).

A flat tire and pulled off the roadway. Tire replaced by a fellow on his lunch break.

Great general care at Sutter Coast Hospital followed by a flight to Medford for open-heart bypass surgery.

Neighbor, I rejoice in our nature blessings. I am more blessed by sharing my life with you. Appreciate each raindrop.

I must not forget the post office service. Feeling down? Just visit our (Postal Service) branch.

Marlene Lyssenko

Crescent City