Cutters 11-2

Player of the Week:
Ethan Thomas (Cutters)


Two Guys 9-2-1

Co-Players of the Week:
Ava O’Reiley (Two Guys)

Tsinte Stienruck
(Tolowa Dee-Ni Nation)


Black, Rice, Luna 14-1

Player of the Week:
Saxon Taylor
(Black, Rice, Luna)


Eco Nutrients 9-3

Player of the Week:
Avery Skerik (Eco Nutrients)


Salcedo Family 12-0

Player of the Week:
Ramaldo Salcedo Jr.
(Salcedo Family)

The Del Norte Little League season is wrapping up this week with the last of the make up games scheduled to take place today at Pyke Field.

This year the league expanded to eight divisions, adding a senior baseball division and effectively taking over what had been the Babe Ruth League in town.

“Babe Ruth has kind of gone away from the postseason, and the Little League is a little more formatted and connected as far as having a postseason, and having the ability to get games outside of Crescent City,” said Del Norte Little League president Cris Rice.

The addition of the senior league helped the local Little League grow yet again this year with over 500 kids participating this season — roughly 50 more than last year.

Although most of that growth can be attributed to the added senior division, Rice said all of the other divisions were able to hold steady or even add a few more kids after a big year last year.

“The numbers are very similar, if not greater in the other divisions as well,” he said. “So we were even or up a little bit in all of the divisions this year.”

The Cutters ended up taking first place in the senior division with an 11-2 record this year. Black, Rice, Luna went 14-1 to take first place in major baseball, and Salcedo Family dominated the farm division with a perfect 12-0 record.

The major softball division was the closest competition at the top of the standings of any of the leagues. Two Guys managed to edge out Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation by just half a game in the final standings, finishing with a 9-2-1 record after the two teams battled back and forth all year.

Eco Nutrients was the class of the minor division this year as it went 9-3 to take first place. Waypoint Living Spaces got hot midway through the season, however, and finished the year on an impressive five game winning streak that included wins over every other team in the league.

“The season went really well,” Rice said. “I think everything ran really smoothly this year. There were lots of cool moments in the season like home runs, kids making double plays, and things like that. It has just been a fun year.”

The season hasn’t been completely without its challenges, however. With lots of rain throughout the spring, Del Norte Little League’s board members and ground crews had to scramble to get in all of the games and Rice said they responded impressively.

“We were able to play games the day after a storm, and we have never done that before,” he said. “People put in tremendous amounts of hours running leaf blowers on the field, and pumping the water off at midnight. It was a Herculean effort by our field crew and our board to get all of our games in in the weather that we had.”

Although the regular season officially ends today, the older baseball and softball divisions have formed all star teams to compete in the Oregon District 8 tournament with a trip to the Oregon State Tournament on the line.

Those games will officially kick off next weekend.

Del Norte has formed a total of six All Star teams this year. Del Norte Softball has two All Star teams for the second year in a row with an 8-10 team and a 10-12 team. Last year Del Norte had the only All Star softball teams in District 8, but this year both teams will have at least one opponent in the District Tournament.

Del Norte All Star baseball teams include an 8-10 team and a 10-12 team who will be competing in the District 8 tournament starting next weekend. Del Norte also has a junior baseball all star team and a senior all star team which will both have automatic byes through districts.