Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

If the rain seemed like more than you’ve ever seen here in October and you’re younger than 66, you’re right. In fact, by our research, it was the second wettest October on record, collecting 18.68 inches in the month.

The record, according to the National Weather Service in Eureka, was 20.1 inches of rain in 1950.

Doug Carlson, a public information officer with the Department of Water Resources, said the story was the same for all of Northern California. He said the rainfall totals were the second highest since 1921.

Despite the high monthly total, it should be noted that rain didn’t fall every day of the month. During the first week of the month, totals were low, with the week’s highest at .65 inches on Oct. 2. From the Oct. 5 to the Oct. 12, Crescent City saw almost no rain, but on Oct. 13, the storm hit, unloading 5.19 inches in 24 hours.

Crescent City saw 2.99 inches of rain on Oct. 16 and 1.88 inches on Oct. 26. The night of the outage in Crescent City, Oct. 17, only registered at .28 inches.

Rainfall totals at Fort Dick reached 27.16 inches — 426 percent above the average of 5.16 inches.

Gasquet registered 28.44 inches of rain — 412 percent higher than the 5.55 inch average.

Klamath came in at 21.94 inches of rain for October — 317 percent above its average of 5.25 inches.

Several low-lying areas of the county saw localized flooding, particularly north of Crescent City near Lake Earl. County road department personnel drove through about a mile of flooded roads in order to breach the sandbar at Lake Tolowa recently. The breach was necessary to relieve flooding and reduce the risk of more flooding in the coming months.