Being intentionally betrayed is unbearably difficult for all of us to accept. Being lied to by those we’ve come to trust is unimaginable. When the consequences are costly and long lasting, and even deadly, the tendency for most of us is to assume we’re mistaken and must have misunderstood — or that the lies we’ve been told must be true.

The possibility that we have been lied to about the events of 9/11 that has resulted in 16 years of constant war, the erosion of our privacy and freedom, the killing and maiming of our sons and daughters, the endless plundering of our planetary and financial resources is very difficult to consider, but millions of Americans have come to the conclusion that we have been lied to.

One reluctant researcher into the disturbing questions surrounding 9/11, David Ray Griffin, for 30 years a professor at the Claremont School of Theology, has written several books on the subject.

There exists much troubling evidence about that tragic day that contradicts the official explanation we have been provided by our government and mainstream media.

As troubling as the truth might be, I’d prefer the truth.

W. Snyder