Monsoonal moisture brought a little bit of rain to Del Norte County the past two days, but hot and dry weather is expected to return toward the latter part of the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

In a 24-hour period, Smith River saw 0.41 inches of rain; Fort Dick saw 0.35 inches of rain; the area north of Crescent City had 0.3 inches; Crescent City saw 0.45 inches of rain and Ship Mountain saw 0.3 inches of rain, said NWS meteorologist Doug Boushey on Friday.

An upper level circulation offshore brought thunderstorms to the North Coast starting on Tuesday evening. By Thursday the storms included less thunder and more rain, Boushey said.

“They were good storms,” he said, adding that according to InciWeb, the rain helped damper some of the wildfires burning in the region. “They were saying the rain and increase in humidity all resulted in a moderation of fire behavior, and looking at the visible satellite pictures this morning, I hardly see any smoke; nothing like what we have been seeing.”

Boushey said the North Coast will return to drier conditions starting on Sunday and into Monday with offshore winds. This is not expected to last long, he said. Another system of moisture is expected to pass through the region next Tuesday or Wednesday, Boushey said.

“Rain is a wild card, you never know one way or the other, especially several days out,” he said. “But it is kind of changing more towards a fall pattern.”

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