A late-night check on a sleeping driver along U.S. 101 last Friday ended in with California Highway Patrol officers arresting a woman for a variety of drug and weapons charges.

According to Crescent City CHP Information Officer Brandy Gonzalez, officers pulled over to assist a Mercedes Benz pulled over along the highway near Hamilton Road and found Crystal Claypool, 35, of Eureka, sleeping alone inside. Officers were alerted by a smell coming from inside the vehicle and a search was conducted, Gonzalez said.

Officers located an estimated 30 to 35 lbs of marijuana inside, Gonzalez said.

Claypool was arrested for possession of a controlled substance for sale, transporting a controlled substance, possession or manufacturing of a dangerous weapon, possession of nunchaku (nun-chucks) and possession of a short-barreled shotgun.

A photo posted on the CHP Facebook page shows the shotgun, which appears to have been hand-made, using pipe fittings and the handle of a paint-spraying gun. The photo also shows 17 12-gauge shotgun rounds, which Gonzalez said were all live. The photo also shows a pair of homemade “nun-chicks,” which were essentially two wooden rods, connected with a short rope.

Claypool was booked into county jail without bail on the charges. Her car was towed and stored, according to CHP.