Felony and misdemeanor sentencings provided by the Del Norte County Superior Court for Dec. 29, 2017, to Jan. 4, 2018:

Holi D. Olson, 29, Crescent City: 90 days in jail and $150 fine for probation violation

Jason S. Sanchez, 30, Crescent City: 75 days jail and pay $290 fine for failure to appear

Jeremy R. Brisco, 39, Rio Dell: 30 days jail, $220 fine, and $200 in public defender fees for unlawful possession of paraphernalia/instrument

Cynthia M. Hartley, 43, Crescent City: five days jail for probation violation

Daniel M Wylie, 41, O’Brien: one year probation, one day jail, and $630 fine for carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle