Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

Local residents will soon have a bird’s eye view of a particular area of Last Chance Grade, following approval from the Crescent City Council to place an antenna on city property.

Interim City Manager Eric Wier explained that staff has been talking with Caltrans for some time about installing a webcam on an area of Last Chance Grade, known for having moved several feet in recent years.

“That way, members of the public can log onto the Caltrans website, see the condition of the slide area, which we all know is all too important to the function of U.S. 101 and definitely a concern to us all,” Wier said.

He noted the city’s part of the installation would be to install telemetry antennas on the pole alongside the tsunami sirens near the wastewater treatment plant.

Wier explained the location is ideal, as it would create a direct line of sight between the transmitter on the grade and the antenna location.

Last Chance Grade Project Manager Jaime Matteoli said the feed will be available at the Caltrans website and for anyone to view. The location of the camera will be an area where the most movement has occurred historically, at an area near mile marker 15.2, known to some locals as ‘the ski jump.”

Matteoli said the area has moved 40 feet out and 30 feet down since 1937. Cameras will be placed on both ends of the grade, as well, to show if traffic is flowing or backed up.

City council unanimously agreed to sign the agreement with Caltrans to make the project happen.

By phone Friday, Matteoli said the cameras and supporting equipment are expected to be installed by the end of February.