Charter cable subscribers will not be able to access the local CBS and NBC affiliates as of 5 p.m. Saturday.

Contract negotiations have stalled between Redwood Television Partners LLC, which operate Eureka stations KVIQ and KIEM, and Charter, according to an announcement on As a result both stations will be removed from the Charter cable systems, according to KIEM’s announcement.

This may have been bad news for those who are planning to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, however NBC will allow folks to watch the game online without requiring proof of a cable or a satellite TV subscription.

People will also be able to watch the football game on their smartphones even if they aren’t a Verizon customer, which was a previous requirement, according the Associated Press.

As of Friday afternoon, managers of Crescent City’s sports bars were figuring out how to host their Super Bowl parties even if showing the game on TV isn’t an option.

“What we’re going to have to do now is hook up Chromecast to all of our TVs so we can have it via Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick, but it’ll work,” said Jeff White, whose family owns and operates Port O’ Pints. “We called and made sure they were going to have it live streamed with no delays.”

For Jay Gill, bar manager at Northwood’s Public House, the news that he wouldn’t be able to show the game via NBC came as a shock.

“I’m a lifelong Eagles fan and we have a pretty big party planned,” he said. “We went into planning probably two weeks ago. We have raffle prizes. Every year dating back to the old Northwoods, I would do a really big raffle a week or two leading up (to the Super Bowls)... this directly impacts us.”

Gill said he’ll probably figure out a way to stream the game online, projecting it onto one of the bar’s three TV screens.

“It’s almost too late to switch to another cable provider,” he said.

The manager at SeaQuake Brewing said she and the owners are also trying to figure out how they’re going to show the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is also available on the NBC Sports app via a number of streaming devices, including Amazon TV, Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV, according to the AP. TV networks normally require viewers to sign in with a cable or satellite subscription, but that’s being waived starting with pre-game coverage at noon ET on Sunday.

The same coverage will be available at and without any sign-in requirements, according to the AP.

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