The father of a Crescent Elk Middle School student is accusing the school resources officer of assaulting his son, alleging that the officer grabbed his child and pushed him into a wall when the boy attempted to take a drink into the school gym on Friday.

Scott Skerik said his 12-year-old son was carrying a Dutch Bros. drink and was trying to go into the gym when a school monitor stopped him. Skerik said his son turned around to take his drink back to his classroom, but the school monitor again tried to stop him. It was at that point that Crescent City Police officer Edward Wilson stepped in, Skerik said.

“Before (the school monitor) could get the words all the way out, the officer grabbed him, shook his backpack off of him and continued to push him against the wall to talk to him about respect,” Skerik said. “He looks up at the camera and walks my kid off camera view (to) a locked door. (The officer) shut the other door. Now he was locked in there with the police officer getting pushed in the corner of the door for six minutes straight.”

Skerik said his son kept asking Wilson to let him go to the office. Skerik said after about six minutes, Wilson walked his son to the principal.

Skerik said he has filed a formal complaint with the police chief and district superintendent and emailed “all elected officials.”

“He was talking to my kid like he was a drill sergeant yelling at him and pushing him against the wall,” Skerik said, adding that he has part of the surveillance video and verbal statements from the school monitor and his son’s peers. “All of this is going to get forwarded to my attorney. I don’t want nothing from nobody, I just want him fired.”

The Crescent City Council on Monday was scheduled to promote Wilson to sergeant. But after hearing from Skerik and his two sons, Mayor Blake Inscore pulled the item from the agenda, noting that it was still under investigation.

Crescent City Police Chief Ivan Minsal said the incident is being investigated, but he was unable to provide any further details. He said he took a complaint from the student’s mother and father, but because it’s a personnel matter he can’t discuss the matter.

“I take it personally, seriously, and we are moving forward with an investigation,” Minsal told the Triplicate on Monday.

Del Norte County Unified School District Jeff Harris said although he was at Del Norte High School on Monday, Wilson is not on duty at Crescent Elk Middle School currently. However, Wilson could be dispatched to any school in the district for an emergency, Harris said.

Harris also declined to elaborate on the incident between Wilson and Skerik’s son, noting that the officer is not a school district employee.

“The only thing I would say in this situation, as in every situation, is we’re trying to create a campus that is safe for students and staff and we’ll follow our internal processes and work through our investigations to make sure that’s the case,” Harris said.

Wilson became the school resources officer through a COPs Grant obtained by the police chief, Harris said.

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