Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

From Pebble Beach to South Beach, locals and visitors celebrated July 4 in spectacular fashion.

Cloudy daytime skies created suspense for the evening show, but by dusk, it was obvious that the coast was clear for the fireworks. Those viewing from near the harbor district office were treated to a double display as the fireworks were visually reflected on the bay’s calm surface.

Down by the marina, one’s senses were assaulted from every direction as professional and consumer fireworks lit up the sky above Beachfront Park, the Battery Point Lighthouse and South Beach at the same time. Booms, cracks and sizzles sounded like a space war as they bounced off harbor buildings and echoed away over the distant hills. Wind carried the smoke of the fireworks, along with many beach fires, over the city, creating a haze that was still visible in the morning.

Following the city’s display, the party took off at South Beach as hundreds gathered around dozens of fires and watched consumer fireworks exploding above.

Busy, fun night for police

Police Chief Ivan Minsal was chipper on the phone the following morning when asked how the day went for law enforcement.

“It was busy and fun, not busy and bad,” he said.

Minsal said from parade to the fireworks, officers had almost no incidents or arrests. He noted one belligerent person got the attention of law enforcement at the Deck Party, but there were no other calls for assistance.

Minsal said as he walked through Beachfront Park Wednesday, everyone seemed to be having a good time. He said business owners he’d spoken to also gave positive reviews.

“Even the traffic exodus (after the fireworks) went smoothly, Minsal said.

Del Norte Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sarah Caron said the feedback she is receiving from the community on the fireworks has been wonderful.

“The community at large has been very happy with the event,” she said, “They’re saying it’s one of the best we’ve had in years, from the weather, to the soundtrack on Bicoastal Media,

“I’d love to acknowledge the amount of inspiration that came from seeing the community come together to make this happen and support these events,” Caron said. “It just goes to show the potential we have as a community and what we can make happen if we try.”

Fireworks were sponsored by Lucky 7 Casino, The chamber and the city.

Give us a sign

As locals and returning visitors drove down Anchor Way Wednesday morning, many likely noticed something different. On the edge of the raised deck at Anchor and Starfish appeared a large, wooden sign featuring, in cursive, “Crescent City.” Throughout the day, people could be seen posing with the sign, as photographers lined up the beach in the background.

Harbormaster Charlie Helms said he first noticed the sign when it just appeared at the location on July 4, but did not know who put it there.

“It’s a mystery,” he said. “But we like it a lot.”

Helms said harbor staff and commissioners were also unaware, but plan to bring the idea of keeping it there to the harbor commission at the next meeting.

“We’re a government agency, so we want to make sure we have all the proper permits,” Helms said Friday.

Lori Cowan, manager of nearby North Coast Sports & Grill, didn’t comment on who may have created the sign, but offered praise for having done so.

“I think it’s a great contribution,” she said. “It’s just a wonderful thing and kudos to the person who did it.”

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