Flags for each branch of the military fluttered alongside Old Glory briefly on Tuesday at what will be the Point of Honor Monument.

Members of the Del Norte Veterans Memorial Monument Committee raised the flags and held a private ceremony to commemorate Independence Day, left them up during the holiday and took them down on Thursday, said Kelly Schellong, public relations and fundraising chair for the committee.

Father Gregory Villaescusa of St. Joseph Catholic Church, offered a blessing, while Project Manager Adam Trask raised the American flag, said Trask’s wife, Tamara. Committee members Doug Plack, Jeremy Herber, Joua Pau Vang and Craig Bradford joined in the ceremony as did county Supervisors Lori Cowan and Gerry Hemmingsen, according to Trask.

According to Schellong, the flag poles themselves have been erected before concrete will be poured at the monument. She said the committee was still seeking bids for the construction of five obelisks, each of which will represent a branch of the military. It will take about five to six weeks for the obelisks to be built and shipped, Schellong said.

Once the monument’s obelisks are in place, the committee will focus on the landscape, final lighting and placing bricks and benches, Schellong said.

“I’d say we’re about 70 percent (finished),” she said. “The most expensive part of the project is phase 3, the obelisks and all of the landscaping. Once we get a final bid on those I’ll be able to tell exactly where we’re at financially.”

Schellong estimated that it would take another roughly $30,000 to finish the monument, plus the establishment of a $20,000 maintenance fund that’s required by the city.

The Del Norte Veterans Memorial Monument Committee is still accepting donations, Schellong said. People can purchase a memorial brick for $100 to $125. And those who donate a minimum of $2,500 can have their name on a small donor’s wall that will be included at the monument, she said.

For those who want to donate, checks should be made payable to the Del Norte Veterans Memorial Monument Committee, Schellong said. For more information, call 707- 218-5060.

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