For the first time since the Tohoku Quake and tsunami of 2011, residents of Crescent City’s Sister City Rikuzentakata, Japan are enjoying their beach again. Tokaishimpo News Reporter Eri Suzuki was at the beach called Oona Coast last week as residents returned to the ocean.

“This summer, finally the maintenance of the sand beach is over. It became possible to swim only one of the several beach(es) which (are) in Rikuzentakata,” Suzuki posted. “The biggest beach ‘Takata Matsubara’ in Takata, was lost by the subsidence of the ground, the restoration work is still ongoing.”

Suzuki said in addition to the loss of the beach and coastal pine tree forest, the coastline was not suitable for swimming due to sunken tsunami rubble.

“There is another thing that should not be forgotten. That means that there are still a lot of people still missing due to the tsunami,” Suzuki wrote. “Everyone is pleased that many people have regained everyday life they can play on the beach. And, everyone wishes that those who are missing will return to their families as soon as possible.”