Firewood is available on the Six Rivers National Forest, but officials say there are a few things people need to keep in mind before heading out in a truck with a chainsaw.

People must to obtain a personal-use firewood-cutting permit, according to a National Forest Service press release. This permit is available at any Six Rivers National Forest office for $10 per cord with a minimum charge of $20. A maximum of 10 cords may be purchased per year, according to the press release.

A personal-use firewood-cutting permit includes a firewood map and tags. The permit, map and tag must be in the permittee’s possession while cutting, gathering and transporting firewood, according to the press release. The permit is for personal use only and is only valid on Six Rivers National Forest land, according to the release.

People should also refer to the firewood maps for any restrictions, such as active timber sales, posted “no wood-cutting” areas, wilderness areas and administrative sites. Cutting firewood is restricted within 150 feet of campgrounds and within 300 feet of rivers, year-round streams and lakes.

Chainsaws must be equipped with an approved spark-arrestor system. Permittees are also required to have a UL-approved fire extinguisher and a shovel with an overall length of at least 38 inches within 25 feet of chainsaw operations.

Firewood is also available from log decks at the Watts Lake Campground and Ruth Guard Station in the Mad River Ranger District; Rock Creek Butte rock pit in the Orleans Ranger District; and Cub Creek off the Ti Bar Road in the Ukonom Ranger District.

A personal use firewood permit can be obtained from the Gasquet Ranger District and Smith River National Recreation Area office at 10600 U.S. 199 in Gasquet. For more information, visit