While the Del Norte County Unified School District is considering changes to athletics, hiring additional athletics directors will not cost the district $336,000.

Contrary to what was reported in the Triplicate on Sept. 15, the total cost to the school district for a district wide athletics director and three part-time middle school athletics directors would be between $96,239 and $112,811, according to a district announcement.

Based on input from parents and the community, the school board asked district staff to report on the estimated cost for a full-time districtwide athletic director that would oversee 6th-12th grade sports and three 6th-8th grade athletic directors, according to the school district. The three part-time athletics directors would work at Crescent Elk, Smith River and Redwood schools, according to the district.

According to the district, the full-time athletics director would be a classified position and would cost between $73,173 and $89,744 with benefits included. This person would work 206 days a year with 14 holidays, according to a report from Human Resources Director Coleen Parker.

This salary range is comparable to the range of the district’s director of early education, director of foster youth and homeless and the supervisor of maintenance and operation, according to Parker.

At the middle school level, one athletic director at Crescent Elk, Redwood and Smith River would cost the district about $7,689 including benefits, according to the district.

At its Aug. 23 meeting, the school board approved job descriptions for the district wide athletic director and middle school athletics directors, according to Superintendent Jeff Harris. The district’s personnel commission must also weigh in on the salary schedule and job descriptions, Harris said at the school board’s Sept. 13 meeting.

At the Sept. 13 meeting, Harris said parents and students wanted to see a “continuous athletic program” so students understood how the transition from middle school to high school sports works and what to expect. Harris called it a “more transparent continuum of athletics.”

The districtwide athletics director would work with his or her counterpart at the middle school levels to schedule games, discuss funding, equipment and facilities issues, Harris told the school board on Sept. 13.

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