A Sausalito-based salvage company retrieved a 34-foot sailboat Friday that ran aground and sank at the Crescent City Harbor about two weeks ago.

Staff from Parker Diving Service lifted the SV Paxis I, from Victoria, British Columbia, on floats and transported it to the boat launch behind the harbor district office on Marine Way at about noon and had pulled it on shore by 1 p.m., Deputy Harbormaster Lane Tavasci said Monday. The salvage company then dismantled the sailboat and hauled it away, he said.

“We were going to use the lift station, the travel lift, but it was sideways so they had to get permission from the insurance guy to drag it out of the water,” Tavasci said.

The SV Paxis I came loose from its mooring and reportedly ran into the north side of the jetty near the U.S. Coast Guard Station, Del Norte County Sheriff’s Commander Bill Steven told the Triplicate in a Sept. 22 article.

According to Steven, vessel owner Barry Nokes was in town with a friend when the boat ran aground. Nokes jumped aboard to try to get the boat from the rocks but jumped back onto the jetty when he realized he couldn’t, Steven told the Triplicate.

After the boat sank, representatives with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California Office of Spill Prevention Response and the Coast Guard Marine Safety Division met with harbor staff to discuss what to do with the boat, Harbormaster Charlie Helms said. Since the boat was in a federal channel, Helms said, it wasn’t up to the harbor to salvage it.

On Monday, Tavasci said a Canadian insurance company paid for the retrieval and salvage of the vessel for the owners.