Joseph L. James is the apparent winner for chairperson of the Yurok Tribe and Susan Masten and Frankie Joe Myers appear to be headed for a runoff.

The Yurok Tribe released the unofficial results Thursday of its primary election, which was held Wednesday.

The tribe's election board will meet Monday to certify the results. According to Yurok Today, the tribe's newsletter, a runoff election will be held Nov. 7.

In the race for Yurok Tribal Chairperson, Joseph L. James received 50.91 percent of the vote; James E. Dunlap received 24.02 percent of the vote; Emery W. Mattz III received 14.93 percent of the vote; and Lavina Brooks received 10.14 percent of the vote, according to the tribe.

In the race for vice chairperson, Susan Masten and Frankie Joe Myers both received 23.65 percent of the vote; David L. Gensaw Sr. received 20.15 percent; Laura A. Borden received 13.06 percent of the vote; Ryan Ray received 9.18 percent of the vote; Jack Mattz received 5.49 percent of the vote; and Jewel Frank received 4.82 percent of the vote.

In the Orick District, Sherri Provolt received 45.83 percent of the vote; Wendy Lee Kull received 20.83 percent of the vote; and Laura White Woods received 33.33 percent of the vote, according to the results.

There were also a number of referendums tribal members voted on. In referendum No. 1, which focused on blood degree correction, 50.73 percent of voters voted no while 49.27 percent voted yes. On the second referendum, which focused on relinquishment criteria amendment, 63.4 percent voted yes while 36.5 voted no.

For Referendum No. 3, election background check requirements and qualifications, 82.29 percent voted yes, while 17.71 percent voted no.

On Referendum No. 4, selling land outside of Yurok territory and leasing land to tribal member and tribal entities for a period longer than 20 years, 57.26 percent voted no, while 42.74 percent voted yes.

Some 59.34 percent of the voters voted yes on a referendum focusing on medical marijuana, while 40.66 percent voted no.

For more information, call the Election Department at 707-482-1350 or email