More than 6,000 mail-in ballots are still outstanding though the Nov. 6 general election is only five days away, according to Del Norte County Clerk-Recorder Alissia Northrup.

A total of 2,796 ballots out of 8,932 that were issued to local voters have been returned to the elections office as of about 4 p.m. Wednesday, Northrup said. Mail-in ballots were sent to Del Norte residents Oct. 8.

There are currently 14,286 registered voters in Del Norte County, according to Northrup. This includes 4,343 voters who have registered as Democrats; 5,089 registered Republicans; 639 American Independents; 151 Libertarians; 84 Peace and Freedom; 232 miscellaneous; and 3,748 no party preference, Northrup said.

Northrup noted though the deadline to register to vote was Oct. 22, on election day in California voters can fill out a voter registration card and an affidavit saying they haven’t voted anywhere else and their ballot will be counted.

“Being now that California has one database that is real time, when I put somebody in here to register if they’re registered anywhere else in California, it automatically cancels them,” she said. “We can check and make sure they haven’t voted anywhere else in California. It enables us to let people register right up to election day.”

According to Northrup, people can vote conditionally if they haven’t been registered to vote in Del Norte County before. Del Norte voters who have moved are able to vote a provisional ballot, she said.

Northrup said emergency legislation has also gone into effect in California requiring the elections office to notify the voter if their ballot is unsigned or if their signature doesn’t match. Northrup said the voter has 13 days to respond.

Meanwhile, Northrup said her office is looking for poll workers for Tuesday’s election. Poll workers must be a U.S. citizen, a resident and registered voter of Del Norte County, at least 18 years old and not in prison or on parole for a felony.

Inspectors and judges start work at 6 a.m. Tuesday. The workday ends at about 10 p.m. Tuesday, according to Northrup’s office. Inspectors are paid $100 and judges are paid $75. They will also receive $20 for attending a class before Election Day.

Students 16 years old and older can also work in a polling place. According to Northrup’s office, the student has to be a U.S. citizen and be in good standing with the school and community with a grade-point average of at least 2.5. Student poll workers receive the same as a regular poll worker.

“We’re always looking for poll workers,” Northrup said. “We’d rather have more people at a poll.”

For more information about being a poll worker, call the Del Norte County Elections office at 707-465-0383.