Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

It’s obvious just from driving by that the Crescent City Airport’s new terminal building is almost completed and its parking lot is paved. The large Quonset building that blocked the terminal from Pebble Beach Drive has been removed and the landing apron is fully paved.

Inside the building, most of the walls, electrical and wiring are done. Lighting, carpet, paint, paneling and appliances are coming soon.

Airport Director Randy Hooper said Monday that construction at the new building is progressing as planned and estimated roughly it could be open as soon as late February. On a walk through Monday, Hooper and Vanir Construction Manager Dave Bose showed the various areas, from check-in to baggage claim. Inside the building, it’s easy to imagine it bustling with passengers and family members, security checkpoints and other staff.

Travelers will arrive, unload and enter on the east side of the building before going through ticketing and security. Passengers will board at the northwest corner, where Contour’s Embraer passenger jet will be waiting on the apron.

Arriving passengers will unload on the apron and luggage will enter through the west side. Bose explained inspection tables had arrived, which are specific to TSA specifications.

One of the new terminal’s most compelling features will be its upstairs waiting area, which looks out over the parking lot and toward Castle Rock. Being the highest point in the building, with the best views, it’s also the warmest. Glass doors allow passengers and guests to walk out onto a second-floor balcony where they can watch the plane come in over the ocean and land. It will be open to all, said Hooper, and can be accessed by stairs or elevator,

Inside the main area of the building will be large screens that will display local attractions and advertising to visitors, Hooper said.

On the southeast corner of the building, the five-foot-tall code for Crescent City Airport, CEC is displayed. For a full list of world airports by code, go to

When asked, Hooper said only a couple employment positions may need to be created at the new terminal, as staff from Contour, the airport authority, Hertz Car rental and TSA will move from the old terminal and other buildings.

According to a monthly report from Vanir, December will see the installation of indoor lighting, heating system and controls, maple finish panels in the lobby, T-bar ceilings and paint. According to the report, interior seats have been ordered and staff is expected to move into the building in February.

“It’s exciting,” Hooper said, “and we can’t wait to get passengers in here.”

A grand opening is not yet scheduled.