A trial date has been set for next month in a sexual assault lawsuit involving a former teacher of the Crescent City Seventh-Day Adventist School.

Chris Davis, of the Davis Law Group, and Lincoln Beauregard, of Connelly Law Offices, both based in Seattle, are preparing for a Jan. 7, 2019 sexual abuse civil trial against the Western Washington Corporation of Seventh Day Adventists.

The King County, Washington, lawsuit names Douglas John Allison, who pleaded guilty in 2016 to molesting two students in the classroom while he was a principal and a teacher at Mountain View Christian School in Sequim, Washington. He was sentenced to 26.5 years in prison, according to a civil complaint filed in court against the Western Washington Corporation of Seventh Day Adventists.

The civil suit, Hosler v. Western Washington Corporation of Seventh Day Adventists will be tried before Judge Timothy A. Bradshaw in King County Superior Court in Seattle, Washington.

The suit was filed in June 2017 on behalf of the parents of a Mountain View Christian School student who was 10 when Allison assaulted them. The lawsuit alleges school leaders and church officials in Washington did not investigate past allegations against Allison at other Seventh-day schools in California before hiring him, according to a press release from the Davis Law Group.

A complaint for damages filed on behalf of the plaintiffs cites investigations by the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office into two reports that Allison had put his hands down a student’s pants when he was a teacher in Crescent City.

In July, Davis told the Triplicate his firm knew about a student who moved from Del Norte County to a church school in Renton, Washington and had complained to a teacher at the Seventh Day Adventist School in Washington about Allison’s alleged actions.

In September, a former student at the Crescent City Seventh-Day Adventist Christian School spoke to the Triplicate about alleged abuse she endured at the hands of Allison. In an email to the Triplicate, Somerset Morgan said she was 10 years old and in the fifth grade when she became Allison’s students. Morgan said Allison also lived in the apartment complex as her family.

Morgan said Allison began touching her on the shoulder with pats or gentle rubs starting her first day at school. This escalated to Allison moving his hand lower down her back to the waistband of her pants, Morgan told the Triplicate.

“He used his phone as bait a lot,” she told the Triplicate. “He would offer for you to play Fruit Ninja or Bejeweled at recess and then sit next to you and put his hands on your inner thigh, lower back/butt or pretend to tickle you everywhere.”

Morgan said Allison also touched her private area through her pants when her eraser fell off her desk into her crotch and he grabbed it for her.

Morgan said she told her parents about Allison’s alleged abuse, but they didn’t believe her. She said she spoke out a second time in a note she wrote and got a few of her classmates to sign. She said she put it on Allison’s desk and when he found it, he yelled and screamed before putting his resignation in and moving out of the state less than two weeks later.

Allison is currently serving his sentence in Airway Heights Corrections Center near Spokane, Washington, according to the Davis Law Group news release.