Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

Several cases of local interest will be making their way into Del Norte Superior Court this week, including one for a 2014 homicide.


On Jan. 9, Attorney Karen Olsen will continue efforts to get charges dismissed against David Soldano, claiming investigating officers, through negligence, lost or destroyed evidence at the crime scene which would have been valuable to her client.

Soldano was arrested in March 2017 for homicide following a stabbing at Crivelli’s Bar in Klamath Glen.

During testimony, investigating officers stated the scene of the stabbing was chaotic, with several people milling about the crime scene who were known to law enforcement, as first responders were tending to the victim.

Olson claimed virtually every piece of evidence that may have helped the victim was either mishandled or destroyed.


Michael Loftin’s arraignment is set for Jan. 17, despite previous reports the Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office had obtained a confession from him regarding the killing of Romeo Glaze in 2014.

Loftin was arrested in August, four years after the killing. Deputy DA Todd Zocchi said at the time, that Loftin had admitted the killing to several people and an eyewitness had been located.

Glaze was 26 when he was reported missing by his sisters in March 2014. His body was found in Klamath Glen nearly a month later and DOJ investigators reported the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.


Kelly Lynch will face sentencing Jan. 17 after pleading guilty to one count of child endangerment and one count of animal cruelty.

Lynch was charged after authorities found several dead animals in and around her home, and seized over 160 more. The property was deemed substandard.

District Attorney Katherine Micks said her office worked out the plea deal with Lynch on Dec. 19. Lynch originally faced five counts of animal cruelty.

Del Norte County Animal Control held an adoption day Saturday in an attempt to find new homes for the rabbits, ducks, goats, geese, livestock and a llama. All but a sheep, a goat and some rabbits were adopted out.


On Jan. 28, Anthony Hamilton will face trial for allegedly exchanging gunfire with officers, wounding a deputy following a vehicle pursuit and foot chase off Washington Boulevard in June 2017. The officer sustained non-life threatening injuries but was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Hamilton was also hit in the gunfire and has been county jail since his release from the hospital.