While the first Sister City visitors from Japan set foot on California soil Monday, Crescent City was being prepared for their arrival later this week.

This week, groups of teachers, students and officials from Rikuzentakata will be visiting Crescent City for the first time since the signing of Sister City agreements in last April and June. The group is scheduled to arrive in Crescent City on Thursday and visit for three days.

Visiting teachers and students will attend several programs at local schools, including some language class observations, adult special education, and a presentation from Del Norte High School’s Japan Club. They will also attend a basketball game and tailgate party.

Rikuzentakata City Officials will attend a meeting of the Redwood Coast Tsunami Working Group, take a tour of the Emergency Operations Center at the Washington Boulevard Firehouse, and have meetings with SeaQuake and Rumiano Cheese officials.

On Saturday, both groups will tour local sights and venues, including the Crescent Beach Overlook, Battery Point Lighthouse, the new Airport terminal, and Stout Grove, among others.

City Manager Eric Wier said California Redwood Arts Association members have been setting up huge displays featuring photos and information from the 2011 quake and tsunami, as well as from the 1964 tsunami that hit Crescent City.

One display will seem very familiar to Rikuzentakata visitors, as it came from their high school. When delegates from Crescent City arrived there in June, they were treated to the creation of a giant Japanese calligraphy display by Takata High School girls. When told the display would likely be recycled, RAA member Nancy Sander immediately made arrangements to have the giant banner shipped to Crescent City to be put on display. Wier said the banner arrived some time ago and is currently on display in the Cultural Center.

“We could not have done all this without the Redwoods Art Association,” Wier said.

The displays are open for residents to view from 10 a.m. today to 5 p.m. Thursday.

Also on Thursday, a reception for the Japanese delegation will also take place at the Cultural Center, at 3:30 p.m. and is open to the public.