With help from Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office, county code enforcement and Caltrans, Take a Bite out of Blight (TABOB) and volunteers plan to clean up a heavily polluted area of county property between U.S. 101 and Walmart today.

TABOB founder Roger Gitlin said he expects 10 to 15 inmates from Del Norte County Jail will also assist with the cleanup.

The heavily wooded and steep area is a maze of trails and clearings, many of which are strewn with waste pallets, clothing, furniture, shopping carts, bicycle parts, discarded clothing, tarps and bedding. There are also a couple impromptu plastic tents in the area.

Gitlin said code enforcement paid for two Recology bins at a discount rate and Caltrans has agreed to clean up any refuse on its right of way.

If additional volunteers are needed, TABOB will conduct another cleanup, later in the week.

Cleanup begins at 9 a.m., weather permitting, and it’s hoped it will conclude by noon.