Submitted by Crescent City Fire & Rescue

On Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 3:38 PM Crescent City Fire & Rescue responded with three engines, a support squad, and two chief officers to a report of a structure fire, house on fire in the area of Cooper Avenue and Calaveras Street. Pelican Bay Prison Fire Department was requested for one engine to respond mutual aid to the scene to assist. Firefighters arrived to find a single-story wood framed single family residential structure at 383 Cooper Avenue with heavy fire showing from the windows on the northwest corner and east side of the structure. An occupant from the home told firefighters that everyone was out of the building, but that there was possibly a dog still inside.

The first arriving engine pulled a 1.75” attack line and began knocking down fire that was pushing out of a northwest window and impinging on a car parked in the driveway. Pacific Power & Light was also requested to the scene to secure electricity. A supply line was attached to a nearby hydrant, and a second 1.75” attack line was pulled for the interior attack. The second arriving engine crew entered the structure and began in interior attack. Firefighters also cut a ventilation hole in the roof to allow heat and smoke to escape and make the interior attack crews more effective. The fire was controlled within one hour. Firefighters did not locate a dog after multiple searches of the structure.

No injuries were sustained by the occupant, the 13 responding volunteer firefighters from Crescent City Fire & Rescue or the four responding members of Pelican Bay Prison Fire Department. The fire caused approximately $50,000 in fire and smoke damage to the building and contents in multiple rooms. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Crescent City Fire & Rescue would like to remind you that smoke detectors that are properly installed and maintained will help alert occupants to rapidly spreading smoke and give you time to get out. Smoke detectors save lives.