Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

Congressman Jared Huffman sent an open email to colleagues this week, asking them to write letters encouraging the California Transportation Commission to approve $40 mil lion in funding for Last Chance Grade.

If approved, the money will pay for environmental studies that would advance the realignment of Last Chance Grade.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Caltrans would request the money at the CTC’s next meeting.

“Caltrans is asking the California Transportation Commission (CTC) for $40 million to complete the environmental work needed for alternatives to Last Chance Grade,” Huffman wrote. “Congressman Huffman is asking you to reach out to the organizations you represent and other organizations and individuals with an interest in a long-term fix for LCG to consider providing a support letter for Caltrans’ request.”

Huffman provided a form letter, which, in part, read “This funding will augment $10 million programmed to perform preliminary geotechnical and environmental studies. Caltrans has made good use of preliminary funding to advance the project. The first of three phases of geotechnical studies is complete and environmental studies are beginning this summer. Full funding will ensure the coastal highway does not experience a major failure or require continuation of the constant maintenance of the past several decades.”

A reply from John Driscoll, district representative for Huffman, said the letters will be packaged together with letters from Sen. Mike McGuire and Assemblyman Jim Wood, to be presented to the CTC at its March 13 and 14 meetings.

Letters should be addressed to Huffman’s field office, ℅ John Driscoll, 317 Third St., Suite 1, Eureka, CA, 95501

Driscoll said letters need to be back in the office by March 4.