Local solid waste officials today will consider harsher penalties for illegal dumping, vehicular trespass and property damage at the Crescent City Landfill.

The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority will also consider annual consumer price index-based rate adjustments from Recology Del Norte and Hambro WSG as well as a proposal from a contractor to assist the JPA with finding a site for a transfer station in the northern part of the county.

Solid waste staff is proposing to work with legal counsel and the county code enforcement officer to draft an ordinance for elevated penalties to deter illegal activity at the Crescent City Landfill.

In his staff report, Solid Waste Authority Director Tedd Ward reported vehicles and people have damaged fences, gates, the landfill mound and drainage structures at the landfill property.

The authority’s proposal comes after County Engineering Technician Eric Lauchstedt on Feb. 20 found three uncovered survey markers confirming that a residential well had been drilled on landfill property, according to the staff report. Staff also found burn piles and other debris near the residential well, according to the report.

On county-owned property in the area, staff found a tow-behind camper and an abandoned boat and trailer. They also discovered that trees had been cut down at nearby Tolowa Dunes State Park while a new “rough-hewn pole barn” was erected on one of the adjoining properties, according to the staff report.

The Solid Waste Management Authority had considered working with the county to place rocks and other barriers to prevent the area from being accessed. The report states fencing and blocking the entire landfill perimeter is both impractical and expensive, according to the report.

During planning meetings with county and state parks staff, state parks staff stated if there was an ordinance with elevated penalties for illegal dumping and vehicular trespass they would be able to enforce it, according to the report.

The county’s community development director also stated that adopting an ordinance would make more sense and could apply to other DNSWMA properties including its transfer stations, community drop-off recycling bins and street-side trash and recycling containers, according to the report. Once the ordinance was adopted, the authority would post “No Trespassing/No Dumping” signs on each property, according to the report.

At its meeting, the Solid Waste Authority board will also be asked to approve consumer price index-based rate adjustments for Recology Del Norte and Hambro WSG.

The Recology request is based on the February CPI index, which will not be available until March 12, 2019. This request comes after the Solid Waste Authority board in December approved a 6.12 percent rate increase for the curbside waste collector. If the board approves Recology’s request today, the CPI rate adjustment and the 6.12 percent rate increase will take effect July 1, 2019, according to a Feb. 19, 2019 letter to Ward from Recology Del Norte General Manager Jeremy Herber.

Hambro WSG, which operates the Del Norte County Transfer Station, is also requesting a CPI-based rate adjustment.

In his Feb. 20 letter to Ward, Hambro WSG General Manager Joel Wallen stated that Rogue Compost informed Hambro that green waste material delivered to Rogue Compost will increase to $10 per ton starting July 1, 2019, due to market conditions affecting the compost industry. The price for green waste material will increase to $15 per ton on July 1, 2020 and $20 per ton on July 1, 2021.

Wallen said Hambro will “continue to seek other opportunities utilizing all recyclable waste materials,” and will “explore all possible solutions.”

Finally, the Solid Waste Management Authority Board will discuss a proposed professional services agreement with Berkeley-based Stillwater Sciences not to exceed $29,767.

According to the authority’s staff report, the contractor would identify, assess and conduct an environmental review for a property to serve as a small-volume transfer station to serve Smith River, Fort Dick and the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation. The Solid Waste Management Authority sent out 11 request for proposals on Nov. 30, 2018, and received three. Of the three, which included Eureka-based GHD and Arcata-based Planwest Partners, Stillwater Sciences submitted the lowest bid, according to the staff report.

The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority meets at 4 p.m. today in the Board of Supervisors Chambers at the Flynn Center, 981 H St., Crescent City. Agendas are available at www.recycledelnorte.ca.gov. Meetings are streamed live at https://media.co.del-norte.ca.us/.