Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

State Parks says a group of redwood trees that fell over Howland Hill Road may take a while to clear, but that won’t start until about March 11.

According to Redwood National and State Parks Superintendent Brett Silver, the road is currently closed from Crescent City to the Boy Scout Tree Trail.

“People can still drive around from Hiouchi and see the rest of the park and use all the trails,” he said.

It appears about three Redwood trees came down sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, taking down several smaller trees and uprooting others. According to weather readings from the Crescent City airport, winds were mostly calm that night.

The blockage is a dense mix of shattered redwood, loose branches and wet soil about 7 feet deep and about 30 feet across.

Silver said due to the size of the downed trees, a specialized State Parks crew with large saws will be needed. He said it’s not yet known if only the roadway area will be cleared, or if crews will need to push aside the shattered chunks of redwood. Less than 100 feet west of the site, a section of a previously downed redwood tree was cleared to allow access, leaving the rest of the trunk intact. The exact location is 41 45’58.47” N 124 06’56.49”W.

Silver said while the road is small and mostly gravel, it hosts an amazing amount of vehicle traffic.

“Last July, by my counters, we had about 13,000 vehicles pass through there in a month,” he said, estimating that from December to February, about 4,000 to 5,000 vehicles came through. “It’s surprising how many people are coming out this way, even in the slow months.”

Call State Parks at 707-465-7335 for updates.