The Yurok Tribe declared a state of emergency Thursday in response to recent storms, which have caused landslides on local roads and impaired the tribe’s upriver water system.

Tribal crews are working with a contractor to fix the water systems while a separate group of staff are removing debris from Dowd Road, a critical evacuation route for residents from Wautec to Willow Creek, according to a tribal press release.

The storms have also caused other infrastructure damage on the reservation, though the tribe is saying it is less urgent, according to the release.

“We are prioritizing the problems that pose the biggest risk to the community,” said Yurok Tribal Vice Chairman Frankie Myers in a written statement. “We have all hands on deck working to resolve each predicament as quickly as possible.”

Recent storms have dumped more than half a foot of rain on the Yurok Reservation in a few days, according to the press release. Much of the rain-related troubles have occurred in Humboldt County, one of 21 counties that were named in an emergency declaration by California Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday, according to the release.

Meanwhile, Caltrans continues to respond to two landslides on U.S. 101 between Crescent City and Klamath. The highway is currently open to one-way controlled traffic.

The Yurok Office of Emergency Services states that residents should be prepared for weather-related challenges such as road failures, power outages and communication issues. They should have the following: food for their families and pets, drinking water, necessary medications, flashlights and a reliable heat source, according to the press release.