Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

Public Works personnel are making finishing touches on the Fred Endert Municipal Pool and depending on a test Wednesday, may reopen it Monday.

At the end of a long City Council meeting Monday night, Public Works Director Jon Olson explained the repairs that have been made so far.

Olson said workers were able to find pressure leaks in pipes about four feet below the pool deck. To get to the leaks, workers had to remove about 30 feet of the deck. That area has been refilled and new concrete will be painted soon, he said.

The pool’s liner and an expansion joint also needed some repairs. Crews used a special material to seal the joint and are waiting for it to cure before refilling the pool. Personnel are using a sample joint to test the curing time, and will cut into it Wednesday to determine if the material in the pool is hard enough to withstand refilling.

“Then we can report back on whether we think we’ll be able to open Monday (March 25) or if we recommend extending the closure for some period of time,” Olson told the council.

That determination will be made Wednesday, he said.

Mayor Blake Inscore recommended making sure the material is cured before reopening the pool.

“We only get one chance to make this right,” he said.

Olson said personnel used the pool’s downtime to also make repairs on the slide, drains and some other equipment. He added the cost to repair the unexpected issues may push the project over its $20,000 budget. City Manager Eric Wier mentioned that savings were achieved in other areas.

Should the pool reopen Monday, the City is expected to post the information on social media.

Credit for time

The council also approved a refund credit for those who have prepaid for a year-long pass.

At the February meeting, the council discussed the upcoming five-week pool closure and the possibility of offering a refund to those who have purchased a full year pool pass, according to City Finance Director Linda Leaver

“When you buy a pass, you’re assuming you are going to have access to the pool for 50 weeks,” she said, discounting two weeks typically used for maintenance. “Due to the closure, approximately 10 percent of that time is not available.”

Leaver proposed refunding a 10 percent credit to pass holders, that could be used for pool rentals, discounts off their next pass, swimming lessons or other purposes.

Leaver said the impact to the city would total just under $2,500 in pool revenue.

Mayor Pro Tem Heidi Kime called the refund a reasonable offer. Councilor Jason Greenough agreed, noting the unforeseen nature of the closure.

The council approved the credit unanimously.