Some $758.1 million has been allocated by the California Transportation Commission for 91 projects around the state. The total includes 26 fix-it-first projects funded by SB1, (the gas tax) and two repair projects on U.S. 199.

A $3.9 million project will repair drains on U.S. 199 north of Elk Valley Cross Road to an area south of Walker Road. The project will repair culverts and fish passages.

A $5.1 million project will also repair fish passages and culverts at various locations along U.S. 199 from Myrtle Creek Bridge to south of the Oregon/California line.

Overall, the funding allows crews to improve 21 bridges and more than 189 lane miles of pavement, upgrade 292 congestion reducing devices, and repair or replace 81 culverts to prevent flooding on highways, according to Caltrans.

“While we’re thankful for the rain, our crews worked around the clock this winter responding to the harsh weather conditions that took a toll on our roadways and culverts,” said Caltrans Director Laurie Berman. “The funds from SB 1 allow us now to proactively maintain our bridges, repair our roadways, and ensure our drainage systems can handle the winters ahead.”