Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

The Fred Endert Municipal Pool opened again on April 1, later than expected, due to the discovery of another underground leak.

The pool was expected to reopen March 25.

Public Works Director Jon Olson told Crescent City Council Monday that a pressure leak was causing hot water to be pumped into the ground outside the pool.

“That was the reason we saw an increase in propane usage and significant water loss,” Olson said.

A crew had to cut out sections of concrete and dig down next to the pool to find and repair a leak. But when the pressure was tested, another leak became evident. The crew had to dig down further to find and repair it. A second pressure test showed the leaks had been repaired, Olson said.

While the leak was being repaired, other issues at the pool were fixed, cleaned or painted. The pool’s liner and an expansion joint also needed some repairs. Crews used a special material to seal the joint and waited for it to cure before refilling the pool.

While the pool was empty, a new gas meter was installed, as well. New shower heads were installed throughout the building. A slot drain around the pool was cleaned to operate optimally, and tiles in the shallow end were regrouted.

Olson noted during repairs it was discovered that a steel deck below the slide is damaged and rusted through. While the damage affects the slide, the rest of the pool is open and usable, he said.

On March 18, council voted to offer credit to year-log pass holders for the pool’s down time. For that, staff proposed refunding 10 percent to pass holders, that could be used for pool rentals, discounts off their next pass, swimming lessons or other purposes.