Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

A Crescent City man was released from jail after the Del Norte County District Attorney’s office rejected the case for insufficient evidence.

Michael Jeffrey Lawrence, 27, of Crescent City, was booked into jail Tuesday, accused of kidnapping, false imprisonment, corporal injury of spouse/cohabitant and attempted murder.

However, he was released Thursday when the District Attorney’s Office refused the case.

According to Sheriff’s Commander Bill Steven, the refusal form said, “lack of evidence, need more testimonial considerations.”

Steven said the alleged female victim, later identified as Kimberly Boehnke, 33, was in an “on again, off again” relationship with Lawrence, who allegedly took her to a residence where neither of them lived.

She told investigators she had been held against her will over the weekend, Steven said. She reported that while there, Lawrence threatened to kill her and choked her almost to unconsciousness, Steven said.

“He cut her loose Monday and she found us on Tuesday,” Steven said, noting authorities located and arrested Lawrence Tuesday night.

Steven said the two have a no-contact order issued against them.

Deputy District Attorney Todd Zocchi said Friday there was insufficient evidence to pursue the case. Zocchi added that Boehnke is on probation for assault with a deadly weapon against Lawrence, after trying to hit him with a car. Zocchi explained that such things are considered when looking into the allegations.

“If there is additional information brought to our attention, we will consider it,” he said.