Tony Reed
Del Norte Triplicate

Another joint application has been filed by Crescent City and Elk Valley Rancheria to repair all of Front Street.

The city will be repaving a section of Front Street as part of a storm drain project, which was funded by a $5 million Community Development Block Grant approved in July 2018. However, the project will only repave part of Front Street, and the rest has yet to be funded.

However, the BUILD (Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development) Grant program allows the Department of Transportation to use $5.6 billion to fund infrastructure projects.

At Monday’s city council meeting, City Manager Eric Wier said the project has all the required components for success but noted previous applications had been turned down.

“We’ve had the opportunity to talk with one of the reviewers of the Build Grant applications and the reviewer said it was a very strong application,” Wier said. “In fact, it was recommended. However, it was not funded. Sometimes it takes a few iterations to get it to the point of an application that gets funded.”

““EVR staff approached the city again regarding a co-application for a BUILD grant to rebuild Front Street,” according to staff reports. “This...partnership makes this project application very competitive.”

Wier said the application was reviewed, changes were recommended, and Elk Valley Rancheria hired a consultant to help formulate the application.

“The city and EVR staff still believe the city’s Front Street Revitalization project is a perfect fit for this funding source. The Front Street Project is a complete streets project that would increase safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboards, wheelchairs, vehicles, and transit along one of Del Norte County’s most critical roadways,” said staff reports. “The proposed improvements would encompass an area on Front Street from L Street (Hwy 101) to A Street and will benefit the community of Crescent City by increasing safety and accessibility for all users.”

Noting the drainage project will repave some parts of Front Street, Wier said the grant, if awarded, would fill in the gaps.

The grant deadline is July 15 and aside from staff time, has no financial impact, according to staff reports.

Mayor Blake Inscore said based on recent studies, Last Chance Grade and Front Street are top community priorities when it comes to local road repair projects.

The council unanimously approved the application.