It took firefighters roughly 10 minutes to extinguish a blaze that consumed a small motor home in the Ruth Compound on Monday.

Crews with Crescent Fire and Rescue followed a column of smoke visible from Maiden Lane and Iowa Street into the Ruth Compound at about 3:23 p.m. and found that the fire had already burned through the roof and was starting to topple the walls, Fire Chief Bill Gillespie said. Firefighters knocked the fire down within about 10 minutes of arriving on scene and spent 40 to 45 minutes extinguishing any remaining hot spots, Gillespie said.

Determining what caused the fire would be difficult, Gillespie said.

"It's too destroyed to be able to determine the cause," he said. "It could have been any number of things. I can't really speculate on one or the other."

Gillespie said there was clothing and other items in the motorhome and he assumed it was lived in. But when firefighters arrived at the scene they couldn't find any residents or anyone who knew who lived in the structure, he said.

"(Firefighters) had to dig around and be able to get to tires that were underneath it that were still on fire," Gillespie said. "There was nobody around."

In addition to Crescent Fire and Rescue, a truck from CALFIRE responded to the motor home fire. A California Highway Patrol unit also responded, Gillespie said.